Quality Control, the Vital Factor of A SDA Bolt Factory

The self-drilling rock bolts are applied to support the tunnels, reinforce the foundations, and stabilize the slopes that are in bad conditions. The construction quality is related to the quality of the self-drilling rock bolts. Therefore, a systemic quality control process is not only vital to the factory but also responsible for the safety of the people.

Sinorock firmly believes that product quality is the life of an enterprise. With quality as the core, we have established a complete set of quality management systems, from supplier management, incoming factory control, process control, and outgoing control, to quality traceability, all of which are realistic and scientific professionalism to create product quality that satisfies customers.

Sinorock achieves product traceability, and the main products have the identification of the batch number of circulation. Through the batch number of circulation, the customers can trace back to the related information such as the product raw material manufacturers, texture, and processing and inquire about the product information quickly as well as effectively.

Quality control is divided into three parts: incoming inspection, process inspection, and finished product/outgoing inspection. From raw materials into the factory, and production processing to finished product/out of the factory, the systematic inspection specification, and sampling proportion have been formulated to ensure the implementation of quality control.

Incoming Inspection

Establish a supplier management process, comprehensively evaluate its company qualifications, production capacity, quality control level, etc., and conduct product verification through the three links of first article inspection, small batch trial production, and batch supply, and select high-quality suppliers in the industry.

Incoming Inspection

Formulate perfect inspection items and sampling ratio, inspect the incoming products in all directions and control the quality of the products at the source.

Process Inspection

The production site adopts the “three inspection system” management, namely: self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection. In the process of processing, carry out comprehensive control of product quality to ensure that processed products meet technical requirements.

Before the product leaves the factory, the inspector inspects the product size, coding content, and packaging according to the sampling ratio, conducts performance tests on different batches of hollow bolt bodies, connecting sleeves and nuts, and issues inspection reports.


Processing Inspection

Outgoing Inspection

Outgoing inspectors inspect the size and packaging of the outgoing products, record the inspection data, take photos of the packaging, and file the size and packaging photos of each batch of products.

To achieve product traceability, the main products are marked with the batch number in circulation. Through the circulation batch number, it can be traced back to relevant information including raw material manufacturer, material, processing process, etc., which helps to quickly and effectively analyze the possible causes of product quality problems.

Quality Traceability

QC Team

The company is equipped with a professional quality inspection team of more than 10 people. In order to ensure product quality, our company has established a special laboratory for self-drilling hollow anchoring systems, equipped with more than 40 kinds of testing equipment and measuring tools, such as tensile testing machines, profilers, and impact tests. All key indicators can be independently detected.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test data, in addition to the regular verification and calibration of the test equipment by the authoritative organization, the MSA analysis of the measurement system should also be carried out regularly and when necessary.



In order to standardize the company's business processes, effectively control risks, and form a standardized quality management model, Sinorock has strategically cooperated with Bureau Veritas and continues to implement ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Self-drilling anchoring system products have obtained CE certification and obtained a sales pass to enter the EU market.

Establish a quality management testing database, use quality management tools to analyze the quality characteristic value of each product, guide the improvement of the production process, and avoid the occurrence of substandard products. The company holds quality month activities from June to July every year to improve the quality awareness of all employees.

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